The street in my mind, it’s my home, for my life.

Antonio Privitera was born in Siracusa, Italy, in 1984.

He graduated in cinema and philosophy with BFA from the University of Trieste in 2009. In the same year he obtained a master’s degree in documentary and photography at IED of Venice and received his MFA. After studying, in 2011, he started working as an independent film director and scriptwriter, traveling around Italy and Europe to make documentary. Over the next four years, he lived mainly in Bologna, attending the experimental theater and photographing the urban scene. While he begins his self- employment, he collaborates with international festivals, expo, art fairs and galleries. Privitera has been the recipient of international grants and awards. His work is widely exhibited in Italy and overseas as well.

Currently he lives and works in Rome as a freelance artist, photographer and creative director.

Artist Statement

I’m a visual artist whose photographic work spans across documentary, street photography, conceptual and fine art. Despite the different themes I love to retain a strong sense sense of duality: the magic and the real, the past and future, the memory and time, the life and death. I often use “diptychs” through which I can explore the contradictions of the human soul.
“What am I looking for? Candid pictures as genuine personal mirror of the society, capturing un-staged situations and un-posed subjects in front of me. This is my way of splitting the path of reality, other side of the same coin. Without prejudices or particular preconditions I’m going to ‘clean’ my eyes everyday to get closer with the people and try to realize my ‘fresh’ vision of this world with a touch of humor and beauty. How you gonna call it? Street photography, urban scene, cityscape… doesn’t matter the label, I’m always seeking a magic moment, an ironic instant, a bright epiphany during our ordinary life. I just observe something and I don’t manipulate anything because the extraordinary is just around the corner, if you’ve seen it once you can see one more time, forever.” 
My practice is rooted in the real world and with my main projects – focused on nostalgia and melancholy – I challenge the boundaries of the photographic medium.



Agora Gallery, New York, NY | 2018 (upcoming)
SF Camerawork, San Francisco, CA | 2017
ArtGallery, Milan, Italy | 2017
WerkstattGalerie, Berlin, Germany


Winner, The Chelsea International Photography Competition, 2017
Winner, LensCulture Street Photography Awards, 2017
Editor’s pick, The Independent Photographer, 2017