La Malinconia

Capitolo 1 – Racconto a colori (2017 – On going)

Melancholia was described as a distinct disease with particular mental and physical symptoms in the 5th and 4th centuries BC. Hippocrates, in his Aphorisms, characterized all “fears and despondencies, if they last a long time” as being symptomatic of melancholia.

This project is born out of the desire to put in images – to transcribe – my sentimental and artistic “journey”. I would like to share the music, the sound of every single shot. As if it was an old vinyl, in which each track is part of a concept-album. A broader colors diluted over time and light. This is the mood I feel every day since my life is constantly divided by far away geographic locations where my big family is scattered. What is ‘time’? An intimate work about memory, a glue between the past and the present.

These photos were taken between Sicily and Marche with a 35mm camera and analog films. Italy, 2017.

——— History ———

The name “melancholia” comes from the old medical belief of the four humours: disease or ailment being caused by an imbalance in one or other of the four basic bodily liquids, or humours. Personality types were similarly determined by the dominant humor in a particular person. According to Hippocrates and subsequent tradition, melancholia was caused by an excess of black bile, hence the name, which means “black bile”, from Ancient Greek μέλας (melas), “dark, black” and χολή (kholé), “bile”; a person whose constitution tended to have a preponderance of black bile had a melancholic disposition. In the complex elaboration of humorist theory, it was associated with the earth from the Four Elements, the season of autumn, the spleen as the originating organ and cold and dry as related qualities. In astrology it showed the influence of Saturn, hence the related adjective saturnine.