LONDON, waiting for an artificial sun

2015 – Current

After several trips to England I decided to move to London for a while. I fell in love with this city, the background is the ideal setting where to get my pictures. I became addicted to “street-photography” because I’m obsessed about the relationship between architecture and people. Here, I can smell the swirling life breathing in the streets. Despite the frustrations of natural light (I wish here the mediterranean sun), I have something in common whit this massive quantity of differences and the multi-culture layers are so impressive to make me feel like a citizen and a stranger as well. It’s home and urban jungle at the same time. This certain idea about “world a part” pushes me to look deeper into a simple, but unexpected language. Small gestures, unusual details, in our contemporary culture, are so fast. You even don’t have time to think and something is already happened. What we are going to be? Waiting for another artificial sun.

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