ROMA, sleeping colors

2016 – Current
A personal (ongoing) project through colors and shapes. I live in this city and I love its lights. I have already spent several years in these streets and I’m still looking for how to tell my story.


There is a light that breaks, destroys, our daily life, our ordinary day. The obsessive structure of the time that forms part of the film-mirror, such as the moving-image and the time-image of Gilles Deleuze. There is no reason why my work should be stuck in the “street-photography” label, except for the fact that the street itself reflects myself and the content that comes out is mine. The human being at the mirror, an alien, a stranger! People trapped in the streets, in those squares and in these corners; places that no longer belong to a swanky mood or a fashionable architecture. They are no cool anymore. We are like a bookworm, we wander in a dusty museum, but we don’t know the codes. Everywhere we look we can see many doors, but we don’t have the keys. Where we are? In a city that didn’t have the strength and the courage to renew its soul, to evolve the eyes and improve the voice. A city that turned its back on Neorealism and now is slave of the golden shadow, a souvenir of those 60s who were beautiful in black and white, but now the smell of naphthalene is too strong. And the colors are too faded to be noticed. They are confused with dull and ruined walls, a glorious and soulless travertine that whispers you to come back, but you’ve already gone. Who we are? We are nothing more than a reflections in a small drop of society that no longer exists. Our present? Rome, the boredom of modern physics. Our future? Rome, a great contemporary city of your past.